Sewer backup

Located on Île Bizard, Excavation Ben-Exc can handle any sewer backup problems.

Based at Île Bizard, Excavation Ben-Exc finds the solution to any problem caused by sewer backup.


Are your sewers blocked? Call us right away! We will come to your home or business premises to carry out the necessary repairs. We will carefully study the problem then dig the ground to replace the blocked pipe. After that, we will backfill the trench. After our intervention, your building's sewers will be in good working condition.

Your sewers will be able to properly discharge wastewater again


  Sewer backup Bizard Island Beaconsfield Dorval
 Sewer backup Bizard Island Beaconsfield Dorval


Over time, your sewer lines may get blocked with tree roots, oil, grease and other wastes. Regardless of the cause of sewer backup in your building, we can find the solution to the problem. We operate across Beaconsfield, Dorval, Kirkland and Pointe-Claire and guarantee that the sewers in your home or office are fully functional after our intervention.

We find the right solution to any problems


The signs that may indicate a sewer backup problem:

Bad smell

Toilet or shower not draining properly

Weeds appearing around your home or premises

A gurgling sound in the toilet

Contact us for any sewer backup problems! We will arrive on-site in no time.